WELCOME TO THE " Pen Pals Who WRITE" Project! Class Connections through WRITING!
"Pen Pals Who Write" Project 2016-17
"Pen Pals Who Write" Project 2016-17

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Pen Pals Teacher Connections Spreadsheet 2015-16
Pen Pals Teacher Connections Spreadsheet 2016-17.
Here is the spreadsheet from previous years. It can only be viewed, not edited. Pen Pals Who WRITE spreadsheet.

Greetings and welcome to the Pen Pals Who WRITE project! My name is Lisa Mims and I decided to create this project because of my wonderful experience in having my class exchange letters with pen pals from another state. My class had two pen pals, one in California, and one in New Jersey. In 2013-2014 school year, we were pen pals with a class in Spain. While we had fun doing projects using tech tools, receiving letters was even more fun! Sooo... I thought if I could get teachers who were interested in having their class write.....

I have added an Edmodo group for those of you who use it! The code is tjudsz.



What will you find here? My idea is that teachers from all over the world will meet here and match up classes with the same interests!

Remember to be safe. I made it a requirement to connect from a school email address.


Lisa Mims
My email address is lisa.mims@colonial.k12.de.us